Founded in 2009, Geometry Gym started predominately around the idea of generating structural analysis models from complex architectural forms, generally between Rhino3d/Grasshopper and Oasys GSA. As a transfer mechanism Jon learnt about the world of IFC and OpenBIM as a way of transferring this information between a whole range of software applications.

10 years on GeometryGym still predominately provides software in the form of plug-ins to a wide variety of industries within the built environment and are at the forefront of openBIM and IFC development within the industry.

As well as providing OpenBIM plug-ins we can provide a range of bespoke services including freelance programming, consulting (openBIM and other), tailored training also support and develop technology for open Object Libraries.

As apart of our openBIM philosophy we provide support to buildingSMART (international and Australasia chapters) technical efforts to enhance and improve the ISO standard Industry Foundation classes.

Meet the team:

Jon Mirtschin  Nathan Luke  Scott Beazley

Geometry Gym Pty Ltd
Company ABN: 62 153 866 472
Registered in : Australia
Director : Jon Mirtschin – jonm@geometrygym.com

Skype : geometrygym
Twitter: geometrygym

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