Additional Services

GeometryGym can help you kick start your digital journey by developing your business and team

openBIM (.Ifc) Implementation

We are helping government agencies and business deal with the ever increasing mandates on the implementation of openBIM and IFC. If you are having issues we are here to help on topics including:

  • .Ifc file size optimisation
  • Automating QA of IFC file qualities and checking procedures.
  • Mapping .Ifc and prescribed classification systems such as UniClass or other

BIM Strategy, Data transfer and Interoperability

We can help with high level BIM strategy and processes for a Consultancy or project specific.

Freelance Programming

As well providing public consumer tools we can provide freelance programming to enable custom in-house tools specific to your consultancy.

Parametric Object Libraries

We can provide consulting services to your business to help develop smart OpenBIM Object Libraries which are program agnostic.

Parametric and Visual Scripting

We can provide consultation and advice on parametric workflows and Visual Scripting which includes but is not limited to:

  • Form-finding
  • Geometry Rationalization
  • Data visualizations
  • Automated Digital Fabrication and drawing production
  • Structural Optimisation


We can create tailor made on-site training courses to meet your learning requirements and competency levels. All course taken by one or our specialist consultants.

Courses can be structured towards BIM or Structural Analysis or general Rhino/Grasshopper.