Geometry Gym has developed software tools and techniques to facilitate many BIM interoperability exchanges as well as automate the generation, manipulation, and merging of BIM data. Some of our primary workflows and the tools available to support them are outlined below.

Rhino to Revit

Geometry Gym provides leading interoperability tools for Automating the generation of Revit Models from Rhino and Grasshopper. The workflow uses our advanced IFC Revit importer in combination with a Revit plug-in for grasshopper. Where possible native elements such as structural framing, walls, columns and the like are created with an effort to allow editing in Revit after import.

This workflow also provides the ability of updating (not just re-importing) Revit objects when re-baking from Grasshopper or Rhino and allows the user to re-import without losing vital information such as tags and schedules.

  • Set Levels, Grids
  • Generate and Set Parameters
  • Set objects to a host
  • Set objects to a workset
  • Generate Tapered Sections
  • Modify Adaptive Components
  • Automate Generation of Layouts and Page View ports
  • Generate analytical features such as supports, releases and members
Why GeometryGym for Rhino-Revit Interoperability?
  • Update don’t just import
  • Keep links between objects generated in Grasshopper persistent with Revit objects over multiple sessions
  • Provide the ability to work with company standard families, materials etc
  • Generate Native Revit objects (where possible) that can be modified within Revit
  • Direct output to .Ifc. We use the .Ifc file format as a conduit between Rhino and Revit. Meaning the file generated can be imported into other applications which can read the .Ifc file format
Rhino.Inside Revit

Rhino Inside is a really exciting new mechanism to permit Grasshopper and Revit interaction. With Rhino.Inside Revit you can open Rhino and Grasshopper inside Revit as a pug-in. This means you can also now use GeometryGym inside of Revit getting all the benefits of Geometry Gym Rhino/Revit tools with a direct link.

Find more details here.

To try Geometry Gym with Rhino.Inside Revit you will need to download the ggRevitIFC plug-in from the downloads page. You will also need to have installed RhinoWIP and also the Rhino.Inside Revit application installed on your computer. You can learn more at the Rhino.Inside Revit website.

IFC to Revit

The Geometry Gym IFC Importer for Revit provides an advanced set of options when importing IFC files into Revit as well as many other tools to help with the management of IFC files.

  • Incorporates Revit Shared Co-ordinate System importing for IFC.
  • IFC to Revit Category Mapping on Import
  • Filter by IFC classes to Include and/or Exclude certain classes from import.
  • Framing and walls cutback and join options
  • Site Topography options
  • Smoothing geometry and masking of crease lines for enhanced visualization.
  • Import of parametric IFC object libraries.

Other useful RevitIFC features include:

  • Easy import/export of IFC shared parameters files
  • Integration with Geometry Gyms IFC Tree Viewer
  • IFC file tool commands such as merge IFC and IFC difference
  • Export Revit Structural Analytical Model to IFC.
  • Assembly codes generation to help you manage classification systems via Revit Assembly codes
  • Batch Import of IFC files with desired settings.
  • Open Rhino.Inside Revit to bake directly from Grasshopper into Revit.

Parametric Object Libraries

The Revit IFC Importer also has the ability to import IFC parametric object libraries. There is some more information on IFC object libraries here.

Geometry Gym can provide backdated support for much older versions of Revit (this includes Revit to IFC conversions). Please contact us for more information.

IFC for Rhino/Grasshopper

Take advantage of Rhino3ds powerful geometry engine and the automation power of Grasshopper to automate your BIM workflows. Turn Rhino and Grasshopper into a comprehensive BIM tool with Geometry Gyms IFC plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper allowing the Import, Export and modification of IFC files directly from within the Rhino and Grasshopper environment.

Advanced importing options include:

  • Element Class filtering
  • Assembly grouping to block or groups
  • Rhino user-text generation from IFC parameters
  • Geometry optimization
  • Allow object coloring by parameters or by 4D construction staging.

Comprehensive IFC file operation tools allow for IFC files to be manipulated and re-exported using Rhino or Grasshopper including features such as:

  • Add or update property sets, quantities, classification codes and other IFC properties.
  • Assignment of 4D and 5D information within Grasshopper.
  • Link multiple data sources to your IFC files using grasshopper.

Like modelling in Rhino but then struggle to get to BIM?

Geometry Gyms comprehensive IFC writing capability allows for IFC files to be generated from scratch within Rhino and Grasshopper.

Use grasshoppers powerful ability to assign relationships with property sets, quantities, 4D and 5D construction information, etc and reference geometric information directly from Rhino.

Rhino to Tekla

Looking to power the generation of Tekla objects with Rhino and Grasshopper. The Geometry Gym Tekla plug-in can help automate the generation of Tekla elements and assemblies from Rhino and Grasshopper to Tekla Structures for more formal documentation and shop drawing generation.

You may have been provided a complex CAD model with no ‘smarts’ making it difficult to transfer to Tekla with required information. It may require complete rebuilding or a lot of manual operations. Or you may have generated a separate Grasshopper model for structural analysis which is now ready for documentation. Whatever your workflow if you are wanting to implement Tekla Structures we have tools which can help.

Reverse Engineering

Provided a Rhino or CAD file that has member geometry and no BIM information? GeometryGym has an array of reverse engineering tools which can turn your geometry into a Tekla Structures model.

  • Generate scripts which can interact with Tekla without the need for a Tekla license to be installed on the local machine.
  • Generate native Tekla geometry from existing CAD geometry through reverse engineering algorithms.
  • Integrate with existing Geometry Gym plug-ins for structural analysis and BIM.

IFC to Navisworks

Geometry Gym provides a Navisworks plug-in which allows the import of 4D assignments to IFC objects allowing you to use Navisworks’ comprehensive set of tools for visualization of construction sequencing.


We are continually developing interoperability links and tools which can be utilized by the broader community. If you are interested in any of the below or would like support with another interoperability issues please contact us. Some possible future enhancements are shown below:

  • Bentley OpenPlant / IFC
  • Autodesk Civil 3d / IFC
  • IdeaStatica steel connection design / IFC