BullAnt provides a number of advanced components for geometry creation and manipulation for structural engineers, architects and the like. And it is completely FREE.

Structural Profiles

Free access to a comprehensive library of structural section profiles from all over the world and apply them to your Rhino/Grasshopper project.

Form Finding

Simplified form-finding routines including:

  • Relaxation and inflation routines for Mesh and Surfaces
  • Force Density and Force Equal length of Curve Networks.

Geometry Utilities

A number of point, curve, mesh and surface tools and utilities including:

  • Truss generation from curves or points
  • Cell creation and filleting
  • Curves splitting
  • Simplification and rationalisation of curves.
  • Surface Unrolling

Geometry Creation

Advance Geometry Creation Routines including:

  • Geodesic Dome Creation
  • 3D Tesselation
  • Polyhedran Creation