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Geometry Gym develops utilities and plugins for Rhino3d, Grasshopper3d, Revit and Tekla that enable BIM generation and exchange. Installation instructions are outlined here, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice if you encounter problems.  A free trial license is provided for commercial users and students/academics can request free access to the tools.

Downloads Windows

BullAnt/ggRhinoIFC for RhinoMac v5.1

ggRhinoMAC.macrhi (23rd March 2018)


RhinoMac v5.1 or newer required, Double click .macrhi or drag and drop on Rhino application  If you are running Mac WIP, the Grasshopper (Explicit History) components should load.

Tools include: IFC importing/Exporting, Mesh Relaxing and resizing routines, Profile Sweeping including orientation, Polygon and Tessellation including Weaire-Phelan, Geodesic DomeCell filleting and Curve Network utilities amongst others.