Industry Foundation Class (IFC)

IFC is the backbone of Geometry Gyms Interoperability tools and provides the basis for a lot of the connections we provide. Some of the specific tools and capabilities Geometry Gym can provide around IFC files and workflows are detailed below.

IFC Text Tree Viewer

IFC tree viewer is available both as a standalone application and also comes in-built with the RhinoIFC and RevitIFC plug-ins to easily and quickly navigate through IFC files.

You can download the standalone windows version of the IFC Tree Viewer for free the downloads page.

IFC Tools

GeometryGym provides a multitude of tools for IFC files which can inside of applications as commands or be distributed as stand alone executable.

IFC Merge – Merge two or more IFC files together

IFC Difference – Find the resultant difference between two IFC files.

IFC Conversions – We provide the ability to convert from a number of other openBIM Formats to IFC. Some Include LandXML, gbXML.

File Size Optimization

Most enlarged files sizes result from poor geometry definitions (or non optimal) when writing out IFC files it can also depend on what that IFC file has been generated for (i.e Co-ordination or Design etc.)

Out of the box GeometryGym provides commands for IFC files size optimisation which can detect geometry which has been nominated sub-optimally and can automatically reassign the definition to reduce the overall file size.

There are many things which can effect the file size of a file. If you are having trouble with IFC file sizes please get in touch.

Opensource Developments

GeometryGym provides an OpenSource resource library of C# classes to generate and parse OpenBIM IFC (Industry Foundation Class) files.

These classes simultaneously support IFC2x3, IFC4 and Infrastructure proposals for IFC5, and are easily extended for experimental extensions.

This library is available through the NuGet package manger in Visual Studio for use in your own developments and projects or visit the GithHub repository.

IFC for Infrastructure

The GeometryGym tools are now starting to implement concepts directly related to infrastructure projects inline with recent developments of IFC. The RhinoIFC plug-in now implements Alignment components which can be imported to facilitate the automated generation of bridges, roads, rail associated geometry.

OpenBIM Object Libraries

Geometry Gym can provide help and support for OpenBIM (IFC) object libraries.