Before purchasing we encourage undertaking an evaluation of the tools. Free access to the tools is provided to University Students and Academics. Visit the downloads page to get started.

License Pricing

Licenses can be purchased directly through Geometry Gym or from one of our trusted Resellers.

Internet Based Floating License

IFC Import License

For those looking for a simple solution for enhanced IFC import for Revit and Rhino.

  • €300
  • $US 370
  • $AU 500

Multiple License Discount Available

+ BullAnt

+ Revit Importer

+ Rhino Importer

+ Updates and Basic Support for 12 months

Updates & Support

12 Month Renewal Discount


IFC Plug-ins License
(Inc. Rhino to Revit)

Ideal for Architects and Contractors looking for advanced IFC Import/Export capability

  • €900
  • $US 1100
  • $AU 1500

Multiple License Discount Available

+ BullAnt

+ RhinoIFC

+ RevitIFC

(Including IFC Structural analysis Export)

+ NavisIFC

+ Other Geometry Gym IFC Developments

+ 12 Months Updates and Premium Support

Updates & Support

12 Month Renewal Discount


All Plug-ins License

Standard license for Building Designers and Engineers looking for BIM and Structural Analysis interoperability.

  • €1800
  • $US 2200
  • $AU 3000

Multiple License Discount Available

+ BullAnt

+ RhinoIFC

+ RevitIFC

+ NavisIFC

+ RhinoTekla1

+ Rhino Structural Analysis1 (Inc. Karamba3d Connectors)

+ Revit Structural Analysis1

+ All Other Developments

+ 12 Months Updates and Premium Support

1Single plug-in connectors can be purchased at half the cost of an All Developments package.

Updates & Support

12 Month Renewal Discount


Enquire Now

Request further information or a quote based on your country of residence. Alternatively email sales@geometrygym.com

License Features

The standard license fees quoted allows for an internet-based floating license system to be shared amongst multiple workstations (similar to Rhino3d Zoo by McNeel).

A license can be used across multiple offices of the same firm, including international. This allows your companies IT department to easily manage the licensing process. From providing license access to anyone in the company or restricting use to certain groups of users.

On purchase, a company license file will be provided in which can be stored and distributed to participating employees’ computers. License usage tracking information can be provided on request.

An ‘Unsigned Script’ License is available for an increased license cost. This License type allows users wanting to use Geometry Gym tools and scripts on cloud based platforms such as Shapediver, Packhunt, RhinoCompute or Other to function.

Support and Upgrades Subscription

The support and upgrades period is 12-months from the date of purchase and includes all software updates, upgrades, online and phone support plus user-story requests and project specific workflow implementation advice.

After the first year, updates and support can be continued at a discounted discounted rate as noted above. There is no obligation to extend support and upgrades, existing software builds will continue to validate indefinitely.

Continuation of Upgrades and Support can be done at any time, even years after the initial purchase.

We pride ourselves on the direct support and value we can bring to our users. As a licensed user of the tools you have access to our teams extensive knowledge and expertise:

  • Help and support on purchased products and direct use cases.
  • Responsive product updates to requests and suggestions.
  • Face to Face online meetings and project kick-offs for implementation of the tools.
  • General guidance and support on using parametric and digital design techniques to your advantage.

A log-in support system is also provided which allows options to track and view current and previous support tickets through (support@geometrygym.com) raised either by user or all employees of the same company.

Available online resources that Geometry Gym provide include:

Learn more about Additional Services we can provide here.

Business Case

Geometry Gym plug-in tools have deliberately targeted time-consuming design processes including coordination, revision modelling, structural analysis detection from BIM and automating time consuming calculations.

Consultant designer hourly charge out rates can be in the order of hundreds of dollars, and if used effectively, the Geometry Gym Plug-ins can save more than 10 to 20+ (or even more) times of the plug-in cost outlay with in-house development of similar tools and functions typically much less effective and generally project specific.

Geometry Gyms support can also dramatically reduce the initial outlay required for initiation of staff training and project workflow set-up by providing project specific implementation advice. User request improvements (where possible) can be implemented within weeks, not years compared to larger software institutions.

Trusted Resellers

Check with your local re-seller if they are not listed below.


United Kingdom




SimplyRhino also services both Ireland and South Africa. View their contacts page for further info



South America


Hong Kong

Whole Win Technology



If you are a Software Reseller and you wish to learn more about Geometry Gym plug-ins and tools, please get in touch with us to learn more.