Rhino Inside

McNeel have enabled a really exciting change to Rhino3d, which allow it to run as a plugin inside other host applications such as Autodesk Revit.  Presently this is available in Rhino WIP (preview of Rhino7) and Geometry Gym have taken advantage of this to provide sophisticated creation of Revit concepts with Grasshopper.

190401 rhino inside revit spiral

You can find this workflow demonstrated within the presentation below.

The geometry gym components permit the grasshopper script to be developed inside or outside of Revit, and you can take advantage of tools developed over the past 8 years to give best practise workflow.

You can access the tools by downloading the ggRevitIFC plugin from the downloads page.

Download sample scripts from https://technical.geometrygym.com/rhino-grasshopper/revit/revit-examples