Structural Analysis

Geometry Gym provides a number of plug-ins and tools to enable and enhance efficient structural engineering workflows.

Rhino and Grasshopper Plug-Ins

The Geometry Gym Structural Analysis Plug-ins for Rhino and Grasshopper tools allow you to easily generate Parametric Structural Analysis models in a variety of applications directly from Rhino and Grasshopper.

Parametric Model Creation

Easily define parametric structural analysis models within Grasshopper including components which generate materials, section properties, restraints, releases, loads, load combinations.

Structural Profiles

Free access to a comprehensive library of structural section profiles from all over the world and apply them to your Rhino/Grasshopper project.

Analysis Solver Automation

Trigger structural analysis and design from directly within Grasshopper with the ability to extract results quickly for design calculations.

Evolutionary Optimization

Structural analysis plug-ins for Rhino and Grasshopper work with evolutionary solvers such as Galapagos to perform multi-objective optimization of structures or generative design.

Form Finding

Link Rhino/Grasshopper with powerful and trusted form finding applications such as Oasys GSA

Perform preliminary Form Finding using Kangaroo for Grasshopper and then link to Structural analysis.

View the downloads page for all available structural analysis plug-ins

New to parametric structural analysis? Follow the simply guide on getting started with the geometry gym tools. Download now from our technical website.

Karamba3d Links with Structural Analysis

Karamba3d is a powerful structural analysis engine built inside of grasshopper. Computational designers can use Karamba3d to quickly perform structural analysis operations and optimization using Karamba3d within grasshopper.

GeometryGym provides Import and Export components to the Karamba3d panel to Import existing structural analysis models (i.e. from Etabs, SAP2000, GSA etc) to a Karamba3d model and Export from a Karamba3d mode to most of the support structural analysis programs as well as IFC.

Quickly compare results between Karamba3d and more industry standard structural analysis software platforms saving hours of remodeling.

Simple Model Conversion through IFC

Easily convert structural analysis model created for one application to another through IFC, or generate two analysis model in a single script from the same Grasshopper geometry.

Export generated structural analysis models directly from Grasshopper to IFC for import into Revit or other BIM software applications.

Export to DSTV Open structure analysis format available.

Structural Analysis Detection

GeometryGym provides out-of-the-box tools for converting IFC models directly to structural analysis as well as advanced snapping, connection and object filtering options.

Convert IFC files (from Tekla, Revit, Advanced Steel) directly to structural analysis packages.

The GeometryGym structural detection engine can also provide real-time feedback (in Rhino preview) on how changing of these options will effect the resultant snapped model.

View the tutorial on Structural Detection

Looking for tools to allow direct transfer from Revit to Structural analysis? Get in contact with us to learn more.

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