Interoperability Tools for BIM and Structural Analysis

Geometry Gym develops utilities and plugins for Rhino3d, Grasshopper, Revit, Tekla, Navisworks and a range of Structural Analysis programs that enable openBIM IFC(Industry Foundation Classes) generation and exchange.

The focus of Geometry Gym is to assist Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners and Asset Managers with digital models of their projects.

Continually duplicating models and data that have already been defined elsewhere?

Frustrated with sharing models between Rhino3d/Grasshopper, Revit, OpenBuildings, Tekla, ArchiCAD or Others?

Looking to leverage visual programming and automation into your BIM and structural engineering workflows?

Constantly dealing with change in manual and time consuming ways?

Key Features

The tools provide efficient means of manipulating and generating 3d models of projects, and is particularly useful for Stadia, Bridges, Long Span Structures, Facades and Atria, where the form and shape are fundamental to the performance and appearance of the project.

Parametric Design and Data manipulation

Powerful parametric and generative modelling of projects is enabled by utilizing plug-ins for Rhino and Grasshopper.

Model Conversions

Convert Models between different BIM and Structural Analysis Applications through IFC and other Open-Source platforms.

4D and 5D Ready

Merge and link data from multiple sources to produce efficient data workflows. Link model geometry, timeline data and costing information to enable the true capability of .Ifc.

Latest Implementations

We continually update and implement the latest releases of the IFC platform in our plug-ins while still providing options to export to standard releases (IFC2x3). Using our intimate knowledge of IFC we can help you reduce file sizes and optimize data workflows.

Rhino3d to Revit

A typical sticking point is the transfer from Rhino3d to Revit. It can be messy and and what if the geometry need to be updated down the line? GeometryGym. And now RhinoInside provides and even easier way to get smart geometry from Rhino3d to Revit.

BIM to Structural Analysis

Reduce model replication with Geometry Gyms Structural analysis detection engine. Transfer BIM models into Structural Analysis models with automatic node snapping, restraint generation and model clean up.


  • Legacy Version Support. We continue to support Legacy applications versions for all of major plug-ins.
  • On Demand Updates and Requests. We understand you can’t wait 6 or 12 months for the next release of a program to achieve a project workflow. We can provide product updates and bug fixes within days where possible.
  • Stand alone script building. Build Grasshopper scripts without the requirement of having the receiving application installed or running freeing up licenses.

Program Agnostic BIM tools Built on openBIM

The majority of the GeometryGym tools are built around openBIM platforms, primarily the IFC ISO Standard which allows efficient interoperability between CAD and engineering applications.




We provide a number of tools to facilitate model geometry and data transfer into Revit through our Enhanced IFC Importer for Revit.


Import, Export, Generate and manipulate IFC files within Rhino and Grasshopper using our advanced Rhino and Grasshopper Plug-ins


Automate the generation of native Tekla geometries from Rhino and Grasshopper using our Tekla Plug-in.


Generate 4D and 5D construction data through IFC and import directly into Navisworks using our Enhance Navisworks importer without the need to manage complex data-sets within Navisworks.


Import ARCHICAD models into Rhino and Grasshopper through IFC or use our IFC plug-in to generate geometry to be imported into ARCHICAD


Import Bentley OpenBuildings (and other applications) models into Rhino, Grasshopper and Revit through IFC. New Plugins are being tested for OpenRoads and OpenRail

Structural Analysis

Through Rhino/Grasshopper Plug-ins Geometry gym provides the ability to generate parametric analysis models, import existing models and automate solver triggering and result extraction for a range of structural analysis platforms.





Oasys GSA



+ Many More

We work with a large amount of applications on a day to day basis. If you are having issues with IFC import/export, or would like advise on how to improve these workflow we are here to help. Just get in contact.

Get Started



You can download the tools and try with full functionality for up to 30 days. Rhino3d plugins are accessed via PackageManager.

Watch the video on requesting a Trial license.



Visit Geometry Gyms technical website to access numerous examples and videos to get you started with the tools or contact us to organise a free demonstration.



Once you have tried the tools you can learn more about our paid service licensing options and request a quote for purchase.


Geometry Gym provide tools and features to extend your favorite plug-ins and applications.

GeometryGyms IFC plug-in for Grasshopper can be used with ShapeDiver to enable IFC file export directly from a web browser. Learn more.

Import and export Karamba3d grasshopper models to/from IFC and Structural Analysis applications. Learn More.

Contact us to learn more or integrate with us.

Leading Expertise and Support

The tools are developed and backed by leading AEC developers with years of industry experience. As a service user of the tools you get access to the valuable knowledge and expertise of the entire GeometryGym team through direct email and video conferencing support.