Need help with interoperability?  Frustrated with sharing models transferred between Rhino3/Grasshopper, Revit, OpenBuildings, Tekla, ARCHICAD or others?  Geometry Gym provides openBIM software tools primarily in the form of plugins for these applications as well as many popular structural analysis software.

Generative BIM data exchange is provided using a combination of openBIM formats (primarily IFC) and programming interfaces.  Structural Analysis models can be exchanged with many popular analysis software including extraction from Revit, Tekla and more.

130820 velodrome openBIM
100204 infinity model with wallpaper logo GH
120811 gh to ac klein building slabs

These tools provide efficient means for manipulating and generating 3d models of projects, and is particularly useful for Stadia, Bridges, Long Span Structures, Facades and Atria, where the form and shape are fundamental to the performance and appearance of the project.