Downloads Windows

The below provides installers for the majority of Geometry Gyms popular Plug-ins and tools.

STEP 1. Download and install desired plug-ins using standard windows procedures.

STEP 2. Request a trial license. A free trial is provided for Commercial users. Students and Academics can request ongoing free access to the tools.

Click below for further guidance.

Downloads Mac Rhino5 Installers

Always update all installed plugins to newest versions when available, Rhino loading problems can occur when shared files are not coordinated to latest version.


Learn about BullAnt tools and features

  • Free
  • Recommended Install
BullAnt Rhino

BIM and Industry Foundation Class (IFC)

Learn about BIM and Industry Foundation Class tools and Features

  • Free to Try

Rhino 5 and Newer

Learn about Rhino3d

  • Free to Try

Revit 2018 to 2021. Earlier versions available on request.

Learn about Revit

  • Free to Try

Navisworks Manage 2018 to 2021

Learn about Navisworks

  • Free
GeometryGym IFC Text Tree Viewer

Other BIM Plug-ins

  • Free to Try

Other versions available upon request

Learn about Tekla

Structural Analysis

Learn about Structural Analysis plug-in tools and features.

  • Free To Try
Rhino Robot Structural Analysis

Learn about Robot

  • Free To Try
Rhino Strand7/Straus7

Learn about Strand7

  • Free To Try
Rhino Bently ISM

Learn about Bentley ISM

  • Free To Try
  • Early Edition of Plug-In
Rhino Microstran

Learn about Microstran

  • Free To Try
  • Early Edition of Plug-in
Rhino IDEA

Learn about IDEA StatiCa

Rhino Midas
  • Coming Soon

Learn about Midas

Geometry Gym For ?

We are always interested in developing Plug-ins (or IFC Interaction) for BIM and Analysis Packages that has sufficient demand.

Please contact us to register interest in a particular program or allow us to conduct a quick review of possible interoperability we already provide.