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Geometry Gym develops utilities and plugins for Rhino3d, Grasshopper3d, Revit and Tekla that enable BIM generation and exchange. Installation instructions are outlined here, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice if you encounter problems.  A free trial license is provided for commercial users and students/academics can request free access to the tools.  If your version of a referenced application isn’t listed, get in touch.  The tools have been developed for 10+ years and many older versions can still be built on demand.

Downloads Mac Rhino5 Installers

BullAnt for Rhino/Grasshopper (Free -Recommended Install, used for many Geometry Gym examples)

BullAnt Rhino6 v1.5.02.msi (26th March 2020)


Tools include: Mesh Relaxing and resizing routines, Profile Sweeping including orientation, Polygon and Tessellation including Weaire-Phelan, Geodesic DomeCell filleting and Curve Network utilities amongst others.


These plugins enable model exchange between Rhino/Grasshopper, Revit, Catia, ARCHICAD, ….. (and other IFC enabled software). IFC2x3 and IFC4 supported.

+ Rhino3d/GrasshopperRH GH IFC

ggRhino6IFC v1.8.08.msi (26th March 2020)

REVIT IFC Import Installers (64 Bit)Revit IFC

ggRevit2020IFC v0.8.41.msi (24th February 2020) REVIT 2020
ggRevit2019IFC v0.8.39.msi (24th February 2020) REVIT 2019
ggRevit2018IFC v0.8.40.msi (24th February 2020) REVIT 2018
ggRevit2017IFC v0.8.40.msi (24th February 2020) REVIT 2017
ggRevit2016IFC v0.8.35.msi (17th January 2020) REVIT 2016
ggRevit2015IFC v0.6.35.msi (4th April 2018) REVIT 2015


ggNavis2020IFC v0.1.07.msi (3rd December 2019) Navisworks 2020
ggNavis2019IFC v0.1.06.msi (19th March 2019) Navisworks 2019
ggNavis2018IFC v0.1.04.msi (3rd December 2017) Navisworks 2018
ggNavis2017IFC v0.1.03.msi (13th March 2017) Navisworks 2017
ggNavis2016IFC v0.0.07.msi (4th August 2015) Navisworks 2016
ggNavis2015IFC v0.0.05.msi (8th September 2014) Navisworks 2015

Plugin to enhance native IFC import. Improve color and document reference information from IFC files and convert 4D data into Navisworks timeliner.

Geometry Gym IFC text tree viewer

ggIfcTreeViewer v0.0.10.msi (19th February 2019)


Rhino3d/Grasshopper – TEKLARH GH Tekla

ggRhino6Tekla2019i v1.4.15.msi (17th January 2020) Tekla v2019i
ggRhino6Tekla2019 v1.4.10.msi (16th September 2019) Tekla v2019
ggRhino6Tekla2018i v1.4.07.msi (14th December 2018) Tekla v2018i
ggRhino6Tekla2018 v1.4.06.msi (1st November 2018) Tekla v2018
ggRhino6Tekla2017 v1.4.01.msi (9th March 2018) Tekla v2017

Other versions available upon request



ggRhino6ETABS18 v0.2.23.msi (26th March 2020) ETABS18
ggRhino6ETABS17 v0.2.21.msi (11th March 2020) ETABS17
ggRhino6ETABS2016 v0.2.21.msi (11th March 2020) ETABS2016

GSA – (Oasys General Structural Analysis)

ggRhino6GSA v1.10.21.msi (26th March 2020) GSA All Versions

+ Bentley ISM Integrated Structural Modeling Software

ggRhino6ISM v0.0.02.msi (19th December 2019)

Karamba – (Grasshopper Plugin)

ggRhino6Karamba1.3.2 v0.1.20.msi (24th February 2020) Karamba v1.3.2
ggRhino6Karamba1.3 v0.1.16.msi (13th August 2019) Karamba v1.3


ggRhino6Robot v1.2.21.msi (4th November 2019)

+ SAP2000

ggRhino6SAP22 v1.4.23.msi (25th March 2020) v22
ggRhino6SAP21 v1.4.19.msi (28th February 2020) v21
ggRhino6SAP20 v1.4.13.msi (28th February 2020) v20
ggRhino6SAP19 v1.4.07.msi (28th February 2020) v19


ggRhino6SpaceGass v1.1.26.msi (26th March 2020)


ggRhino6STRAND7 v1.3.08.msi (26th March 2019)

+ GG FOR ????????

I am interested to develop the plug-in (or IFC Interaction) for other analysis package that has sufficient demand. Please email me at to register interest in a particular program.

Always update all installed plugins to newest versions when available, Rhino loading problems can occur when shared files are not coordinated to latest version.

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